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MTS TCR 2000 Recirculator - MT System Inc

MicroTech has developed the MTS TCR 2000 Recirculator for precise and stable process bath temperature control under a broad range of process conditions.

The Recirculator, when used in conjunction with the MicroTech MTS-65 microprocessor based temperature controller, is easily integrated into process stations with filtered etch, positive resist developers, or as a replacement to any immersion heating process.

Standard Features

  • Heating and cooling capacity
  • Temperature range 10° to 60°C +/- 0.5°C
  • 1500 BTU condensing unit
  • 1500 watt heating capability
  • Stainless steel outer cabinet

Safety Features

  • Low liquid level switch
  • Thermal reset switch
  • Pressure relief valve

Positive Displacement Pump

  • Magnetic drive
  • 300 GPH pumping capacity
  • Discharge head of 10 feet

Closed Loop System

  • One gallon capacity – Glycol coolant


  • 25" long x 18.5" wide x 12" tall

Power Requirements

  • 120 volts; 30 amps; 60 Hz


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