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Thin Film Production Tools by MicroTech (MT Systems)

Announcing a new class of products available from MicroTech for the production of thin film solar cells.

Building on our extensive experience in Semiconductor, MEMS and Solar, MicroTech (MT Systems) has developed a system specifically designed for high throughput processing of thin film solar cells. These cells have the prospect of substantial cost reduction and cell integration by processing an entire array of solar cells at once on a single substrate.

Features & Benefits:
  • For substrate sizes: up to 2 meters.
  • Low water consumption. Strict control and recycling of water through a patent-pending technology.
  • Effective particle filtering.
  • Modular design for process flexibility and ease of change; upgradeable in the field.
  • Roller technology for substrate transfer.
  • Ultrasonic. Creating high-energy cavitation for hard-to-remove materials.
  • Expert process support including proprietary solar processes.
  • High throughput
  • Unique liquid handling system allows spray, puddle and immersion processes

The company has developed and manufactured a series of modular systems that use the latest technologies to further reduce costs and save chemistries.

Modules are available for all major process steps including clean, develop, etch and ultrasonics.

Specific models are as follows:

  • TF 1200 C for cleaning
  • TF 1200 D for developing resist coatings
  • TF 1200 E for film etching
  • TF 1200 U for ultrasonic processing of substrates

Our unique architecture allows for insertion into current process lines.
Our process engineering team is constantly improving our chemical processes.
Our metrology team stands ready to work with you to optimize and control your process parameters.

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