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Surface Tension Gradient Drying (STG)

Thin Film Solar ProductionOften called Marangoni drying or IPA vapor drying – yields substrates that are watermark-free with low particle counts and no feature damage.
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VORTEX 2000 Automated Intelligent Process System™

Tube Wash - MT System The MicroTech Vortex 2000 IPS™ moves wafer cassettes in any number of preprogrammed destinations incorporating both linear and rotational robotics.
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Tube Wash: Vertical & Horizontal

Tube Wash - MT System Acid cleaning system for quartz tubes; reduces chemical, water & effluent usage. Conformal etching, recirculation, concentration monitoring.
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Cleaning & Surface Prep

Marangoni drying - MicrotechOver 25 years experience in these processes: RCA, SC 1, SC 2, HF last, Marangoni drying…and more. White papers on solvent and semi-aqueous chemistry applications.
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Latest Press Releases


MicroTech Delivers Fully Automated Wet Process Systems to Telecommunications Company

ORCA Intelligent Process System (IPS) designed to clean specialty glass. Click to read more.


MicroTech Delivers Horizontal Tube Washer to Semiconductor Supplier

Quartz tube wash system designed to reduce chemical and water usage and effluent costs Click to read more.

MicroTech Delivers Vortex 2000 Intelligent Process System with Extremely Small Footprint to Semiconductor Fab

Specially designed robotics handles multiple processes in limited production floor space Click to read more.


MicroTech Receives Order for Mask Cleaning System from Touch Sensor Facility

Custom designed system automates cleaning process for extra large mask platesClick to read more.


MicroTech Delivers Wet Process System to Medical Device Manufacturer

Custom designed system automates cleaning process for specialty surgery device. Click to read more.


MicroTech Delivers Automated Wafer Process System to Semiconductor Manufacturer in Texas

Custom designed, high throughput lift off system demonstrates increased ROI. Click to read more.


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