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MicroTech Delivers Vortex 2000 Intelligent Process System (wet bench) with Extremely Small Footprint to Semiconductor Fab

Specially designed robotics handles multiple processes in limited production floor space

FREMONT, CA, August 7, 2013 – A semiconductor manufacturer with very limited production floor space has received from MicroTech the Vortex 2000 Fully Automated Intelligent Process System (IPS™) custom designed with overhead robotics to accommodate the floor space issues while handling multiple processes.

Linear robotics move process wafers in a linear fashion configured in either a side-to-side motion or a front to back motion but not a combination of both unless multiple robotics are utilized. The unique robotics in MicroTech’s Vortex 2000 IPS™ moves wafer cassettes in any number of preprogrammed destinations, including side to side, front to back, back to front etc. utilizing only one MT 6000 Overhead Robot. This allows for a much smaller footprint. Semiconductor manufacturing facilities converting to new processes or larger substrate sizes are often limited by production floor space in existing clean room facilities.

The Vortex 2000 by MicroTech also features:

  • Ease of component removal through quick disconnect design
  • MicroTech 5500 multi-tasking, GUI-based, touch screen, recipe controlled software
  • Modular in construction reducing MTTR
  • Configured for multiple processes

The small footprint process system was delivered in July. Installation and final start-up qualification have begun.

About MicroTech

MicroTech is a leader in the engineering, manufacturing and applications support of wet process and chemical distribution equipment as well as on-site service, repair and maintenance. The company’s 20,000 square foot Silicon Valley manufacturing facility is equipped with a Class 100 clean room fully facilitated with DI water and nitrogen for pre-shipment final testing. With over 25 years’ experience as a semiconductor equipment manufacturer, MicroTech also supplies the Solar, MEMS, LED, BioMed and flat panel display (FPD) markets. www.microtechprocess.com

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