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Automated Wet Process Systems

–  Orca Series

MT System wet bench - orca series

MicroTech’s Automated Wet Process System (Wet Bench) can be easily configured to meet your wet processing needs by simply combining modular designed interface, processing, drying, and transfer modules.

Systems may be built for either acid or solvent processing environments.

features and benefits wet bench orca series - microtech CA

Features and Benefits

  • FM4910 construction
  • Modular design for flexibility and ease of change
  • Front or Rear maintenance access
  • Flush mount capability
  • Designed to meet NFPA, NEC, CE and SEMI standards
  • PC based system
  • Operator touch screen Interface
  • Ethernet based distributed control system
  • Host SECS-GEM interface
  • Data logging and history log (real-time)
  • Event and recipe driven process controls
  • High throughput
  • High reliability: >1500 Hours MTBF
  • Bulk chemical supply interface
  • Up to class 1 mini environment
  • Fire suppression system (FM4910 compliant) 
  • Aerodynamically designed exhaust for optimal fume capture and operator safety

automated wet process systems - orca series from MT System, CA

Automated Wet Process System - Download Sheet

For specific acid or solvent applications, please contact us for complete station descriptions.

System Options

Automated Wet Bench System Options

  • Recirculating baths/filtration
    • High and room temperature process.
  • Megasonic and ultrasonic baths
    • Particle and thick residue removal.
  • Choice of tank materials and piping.
    • Tailored to unique processing chemistries.
  • Bath spiking
    • Hydrogen peroxide D.I. water and other additives that need to be replenished.
  • Bulk distribution
    • To the station and dispense to the baths.
    • In-situ monitoring particles, dissolved silica, resistivity, etc.


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