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Chemical Delivery Systems in Semiconductor Fabs

In the mid-1980s, chemical delivery systems were introduced to simplify chemical supply in semiconductor fabs. With chemical distribution connected directly to the process tool, chemicals were then available on demand, and because the chemical was filtered prior to distribution, particle levels from a bulk distribution system were lower than the particle levels of bottled chemicals.

There were many advantages of using chemical delivery systems over the older methods like canisters and bottles, including better safety, less spilling and not having to rinse bottles before recycling or return.

Most semiconductor fabs now use bulk chemical delivery systems and many other industries such as the pharmaceutical and medical device also have now adopted this method. Advantages include:

  • Reduced costs in chemicals
  • Reduced costs in chemical handling
  • Improved operator safety
  • Ability to control impurity levels

In the semiconductor fab, four categories of chemicals are typically distributed by these delivery systems:

  • Process cleaning chemicals
  • Organic solvents
  • Photolithography chemicals
  • Specialty chemicals

There are a several safety considerations to take into account when using bulk chemical delivery:

  1. Secondary containment in supply lines is crucial to protect against leaks.
  2. Leak detection is used throughout the distribution network.
  3. EPO (emergency power off) is used to depressurize or power-off a system manually.
  4. Large, returnable vessels are used to mitigate the hazards of cleaning and disposing of chemical vessels

Besides improved safety and higher purity chemicals, the use of bulk delivery systems has other COST advantages:

  • Overall lower cost per unit volume of chemical
  • Less labor costs
  • Less cleanroom space
  • Reduced container disposal costs

These savings can more than offset capital costs associated with building, installing and maintaining a bulk delivery system. The payback period for chemical delivery systems installed in new facilities is typically less than a year and a half.

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