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Concentration Monitoring

MicroTech (MT System)  will install, service and support chemical solution concentration monitoring systems. Systems include monitoring for:

  • Single chemical aqueous mixtures
  • Hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and ammonia
  • KOH
  • Multiple chemical mixtures
  • Sulfuric acid/hydrogen peroxide (SPM)
  • SC-1
  • HF/HNO3 (with H2SO4)
  • and more.

We work with the leaders in the industry in concentration monitoring including:

We also have developed our own technology for chemical monitoring and have an ongoing development program.  We work with alliance partners to optimize these processes for MEMS, Semiconductor and Solar applications (solar cell photovoltaic).  Chemical monitoring is available for cleaning, etching and more recently for deposition chemistries.


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