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Whether etching Si, SiO2, doped silicate glasses, Si3N4, or other films, uniform removal is imperative.

Process tanks must be able to recirculate and filter the chemical solution while maintaining a constant temperature for SiN and Si etching.

Alkaline etching of crystalline using KOH (potassium hydroxide), TMAH (tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide), or EDP (ethylenediamene pyrocatecol) is performed for creating various feature definition in MEMS, solar cells, and integrated circuit manufacturing. KOH will be discussed in this White Paper.

MicroTech System also developed propitiatory process for high temperature wet etching.

MicroTech Advance Wet Process Systems:


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White paper Phosphoric Acid Nitride Removal explains the optimization of the process and outlining typical process steps.


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