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Intelligent Process Station

MicroTech has developed our unique “Intelligent Process Station” ™ technology which provides, for the first time, process control monitoring of the wet chemistries used in process baths. We have fully integrated our process knowledge with specific metrology solutions in an automated platform.

These solutions now allow precise control of process steps as well as offering substantial savings in process chemistries.  It is our vision to dramatically expand the application of liquid chemistries into production facilities enabled by the incorporated intelligent wet process station measurement technologies.

Intelligent process station capabilities include:

Turbidity control: This identifies the formation of undesirable materials in the liquid baths and allows the operator to take appropriate action. MicroTech has developed a unique flow cell for process measurement and control and has demonstrated excellent results.

Film Thickness Monitoring: This has been developed for both in-sitsu and off-line measurement – and has been demonstrated with a high degree of precision.  Details are proprietary, but results are available upon request.

Additional metrology systems are under development with a goal aimed at measurement and control of all critical processes in the production fabrication facilities we support.

Read the NEW White Paper: Liquid Phase Deposition of Anti-Reflective Coatings (ARC) in Solar Applications Using an Intelligent Process Station™

Concentration Monitoring

MicroTech has implemented concentration monitoring in a number of different processes. We have used index of refraction techniques to distinguish a single species. We have used more complex systems that monitor both visible and infrared spectral regions of absorbed light to determine the concentration changes for specific chemistries.

MicroTech (MT System)  will install, service and support chemical solution concentration monitoring systems. Systems include monitoring for:

  • Single chemical aqueous mixtures
  • Hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and ammonia
  • KOH
  • Multiple chemical mixtures
  • Sulfuric acid/hydrogen peroxide (SPM)
  • SC-1
  • HF/HNO3 (with H2SO4)
  • and more.

We work with the leaders in the industry in concentration monitoring including:

We also have developed our own technology for chemical monitoring and have an ongoing development program.  We work with alliance partners to optimize these processes for MEMS, Semiconductor and Solar applications (solar cell photovoltaic).  Chemical monitoring is available for cleaning, etching and more recently for deposition chemistries.


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