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MicroTech Launches Solar Thin Film Production Tool Product Line

Low water consumption a major benefit; modules available for clean, develop, etch and ultrasonics process steps

FREMONT, CA, January 18, 2013 – MicroTech, a Silicon Valley wet process station supplier, has launched a product line specifically designed for high throughput processing of thin film solar cells. These cells can produce substantial cost reduction and cell integration by processing an entire array of solar cells on a single substrate.

The MicroTech TF 1200 production tool can process substrates up to 2 meters in size. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Low water consumption with strict control and recycling of water through a patent-pending technology.
  • Effective particle filtering.
  • Modular design for process flexibility and ease of change; upgradeable in the field.
  • Roller technology for substrate transfer.
  • High-energy ultrasonic cavitation for hard-to-remove materials.
  • Expert process support including proprietary solar processes.
  • High throughput.
  • Unique liquid handling system allows spray, puddle and immersion processes

MicroTech has developed and manufactured a series of modular systems that use the latest technologies to further reduce costs and save chemistries. Modules are available for all major solar thin film process steps including clean, develop, etch and ultrasonics. The unique equipment architecture allows for insertion into current process lines. Metrology options are also available to optimize and control process parameters.


About MicroTech

MicroTech is a leader in the engineering, manufacturing and applications support of wet process and chemical distribution equipment as well as on-site service, repair and maintenance. The company’s 20,000 square foot Silicon Valley manufacturing facility is equipped with a Class 100 clean room fully facilitated with DI water and nitrogen for pre-shipment final testing. With over 25 years’ experience as a semiconductor equipment manufacturer, MicroTech also supplies the Solar, MEMS, LED, BioMed and flat panel display (FPD) markets. www.microtechprocess.com


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