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MicroTech Electroplating Systems

MicroTech (MT Systems) has delivered a vast array of plating systems for electroless and electrolytic plating applications and chemistries to customers in a variety of fields from MEMS devices to thin film disc heads and solar. Plated chemistries include Copper, Nickel and Gold as well as more exotic custom requirements.

Chemistries have been plated for straight-forward substrates as well as for more complicated structures such as through via formations. MicroTech has supplied a full range of levels of complexity and automation, from a manual plating system up to a fully automated system for high volume manufacturing.

Pre-processing of the substrate is available for integration into the system to modify the surface in preparation for plating, clean the surface, or provide particulate improvement through sonic systems.

The plating baths themselves can be tightly controlled under recipe management and closed loop measurement of temperature, flow, filtration and material spiking.

MicroTech’s proprietary “intelligent” metrology technology assures optimum plating and device performance.

A full range of fixturing has been developed for optimum electrochemical control.

Special plating cells have been created for optimum plating control and management of fluids while plating.


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