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Rotational Servo Transfer Arm

MicroTech 2, 3 or 4-Tank Servo Transfer Arm

    • Proprietary servo design allows for quick, smooth transfer from one tank to the next.
    • All moving components located beneath process deck and purged to exhaust. Innovative leak proof design includes all polypropylene enclosure, polymer filled Teflon seal, positive pressure purge to protect moving mechanism from contaminating liquids or fumes, as well as negative pressure purge to exhaust to protect product from particulation.
    • Quick tank transfer times as low as 5 sec. minimizing product exposure to environment.
    • Accuracy of 0.003 in./ft of travel.
    • Repeatability of 0.001 in./in.
    • Payload of up to 25 lb.
    • Can be programmed for customized transfer speeds and accelerations.
    • Single or dual axis simultaneous agitation ability with programmable stroke and frequency.
    • Entire arm can be quickly removed for service or replacement.
    • Quick electrical disconnects and serviceable design minimize downtime during service or preventative maintenance.
    • Maintenance free for the first year.
    • Passive for manual load or unload


Rotational Servo Transfer Arm - MT System Inc.

Rotational Pneumatic Transfer Arm

MicroTech Two-Tank Pneumatic Transfer Arm

Rotational Pneumatic Transfer Arm

  • Proprietary pneumatic design allows for smooth transfer from one tank to the next.
  • Can be programmed for speed transfer and agitation.
  • Precise, self-adjusting rotation to 2 degrees.
  • Entire arm can be removed for service replacement or upgrade.
  • PC can be programmed for an array of functions including speed of transfer and agitation.
  • Two quick disconnects, for air and electric, connect the unit to the wet station.
  • Maintenance free for the first year.
  • Leak proof design includes double seals, nitrogen purge, positive pressure sealed chamber, no visible metal screws, viton seal fume protection and an innovative deck and unit design to protect the robotic mechanism from contaminating liquids or fumes.
  • Standard deck configuration measures 4 7/8 x 12 7/8.


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