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Orca-S – Single Crystal Texturing

Alkaline Batch Process For 1500 WPH Single Crystal Silicon Wafer Solar Process Line

Process Steps

  • Saw damage removal (heated KOH)
  • Texturing (alkaline texturing with KOH/IPA)
  • DI rinse
  • Native oxide/metal removal (HF/HCL)
  • DI rinse
  • Drying (heated DI slow pull and air knife)

Key Features

  • High throughput with multiple robots, 1500 to 3000 wafers per hour
  • Automated staging with 6 cassette input and output
  • Low cost of ownership; extended bath life, reuse of rinsing water
  • Input and output scales for wafer thickness metrics plus supporting software
  • Minimal wafer breakage (>1 in 500)
  • Minimal downtime for bath replacement, (<1 hour bath change)
  • Monitoring bath metrics such as pH and temperature, plus concentration as an option
  • Process support provided, optimized texturing and PSG removal process
  • Safety is designed and built in; HF monitors, fire suppression, and SEMI safety compliant
  • Software is SECS /GEM compliant
  • System is SEMI S2 compliant

Process Control

  • Access control
  • Multiple levels of functional security.
  • Data logging
  • Detail data is logged in individual daily logs for operator tool interactions, all events, alarms, and warnings.
  • Lot tracking log files
  • Custom trace files.
  • Recipe control
  • Recipe maintenance
  • SECS-II GEM-compliant host interface.
  • Integrates in-factory network without the need for special software or hardware.
  • Communication has been an essential part of the product line since inception.
  • SECS protocol was implemented and used internally within the process control network.

ORCA-S Batch Process Line by MT Systems, Inc.
Fig. 1. Sample Layout Drawing of ORCA-S Batch Process Line for Single Crystal Saw Damage Removal, Texturization and Clean

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