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Solar Cell Photovoltaic Manufacturing Systems

MicroTech Orca Series

Solar Cell Photovoltaic Manufacturing System is optimized for manufacturing photovoltaic solar wafers.

Solar Cell Manufacturing System

MicroTech Orca wet processing systems are configurable, automated, modular, linear batch immersion systems made for high throughput at a low cost. They are designed to handle photovoltaic/ solar wafers for many applications.

Our propriety FlexBench™ design is modular and flexible as your process evolves. Fully upgradeable at your location, a section of the station can be removed and replaced with new components.

Systems are available for Single Crystal Texturing (Orca-S), Multi Crystal Texturing (Orca-M), PSG Glass Removal (Orca-PSG) and Post Saw Slurry Removal (Orca-PSS).

Solar Cell Texturing: A Simplified Recipe

Photovoltaic manufacturing is based on the ability to manufacture large volumes of high efficiency solar cells at low costs using pv manufacturing equipment. This paper presents a method for cost reduction and green processing by replacing cleaning baths with simplified rinsing processes. The simplified process produces results that are equivalent to an ECN-based process, yet achieve a faster throughput, lower cost, and smaller footprint.

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Solar Cell Texturing

Features and Benefits

  • Modular design for flexibility and ease of change
  • Upgradeable in the field as processes change
  • Expert process support including proprietary solar processes
  • Event and recipe driven process controls
  • High throughput up to 3000 WPH
  • High reliability
  • Production ready and maintenance friendly
  • Built to the highest safety standards

MicroTech Orca Systems Incorporate These Critical Process Steps

Pre-Cleaning, Saw Damage Removal
Initial organic and particle cleaning of incoming wafer material in hot alkaline cleaning mixtures (up to 80 °C); optional ultrasonic power integration for improvement of cleaning efficiency.

Alkaline Texturing (ALTEX)
Preferably dedicated for texturing of monocrystalline Si-wafers, removal of crystalline surface defects forming random pyramides, uniform etching.

Acidic Texturing (ISOTEX)
Preferred process for state-of-the-art texturing of multicrystalline Si wafers; removal of crystalline surface defects by using HF-HNO3 mixtures. The high-flow bath recirculation in association with the effective chilling system guarantees excellent temperature control, NOX-emmisson control during ongoing process and carrier transfer.

Porous Si-Etch (PorSi)
Short dip-treatment in a cold alkaline solution etches off the thin layer of porous silicon caused by previous iso-texturing step.

Acidic cleaning using HF and HCl for effective removal of metal contaminants and native oxides; removal of P-doped SiO2-layer from wafers formed during previous POCl-diffusion; self-limiting ambient DHF etch.

Optimized rinsing technology in terms of fresh water flow, partial water reclaim, mechanical support and temperature enhancements. Intelligent combination of highly effective dump-spray-rinse and water-saving multi-cascade overflow rinse.

Stress-free two-step drying process ensures perfect uniform, chemical and spot-free drying of wafers down to 150 microns with lowest risk of breakage, compatible with all common low surface carrier types. 

MT Systems’ PV manufacturing equipments meets the highest quality standard, and our team have extensive knowledge and experience to serve our customers’ specific needs. Please contact MicroTech Solar Application Specialist today for more detailed information.


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