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Tube Wash/Acid Cleaning System For Quartz Tubes

Vertical Tube Wash

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to reduce chemical and water usage and effluent costs
  • Proprietary nozzle for conformal etch
  • Separate HF and nitric acid tanks for blending
  • Pre-mix reservoir, including DI water mix
  • Recirculated blend of acids for extended life
  • Concentration monitoring available for spiking

MicroTech’s VTW 1036 Vertical Tube Wash is an acid cleaning system for quartz tubes. Acid is sprayed from an onboard reservoir. The system incorporates two holding tanks, one for HF and one for nitric, or alternative chemistries may be used depending upon the contaminants. One or both chemicals can be metered in to a pre-mix reservoir incorporating a DI water mix. This blend is mixed and pumped to a spray manifold and recirculated through a filter for extended life.

VTW 1036 Vertical Tube Wash - MT System

Horizontal Tube Wash for Large Tubes & Rods:

A concentration monitoring system measures the chemistries and allows for spiking of the reservoir with one or both chemistries. The VTW 1036 can be programmed to allow a mixture of chemistries, and it incorporates a three-step process of light etch, rinse and dry. The Vertical Tube Wash is designed to reduce chemical use, water use and effluent costs.

  • Twin chambers, for rods or tube combinations
  • Automatic cycles
  • Heavy-duty rollers
  • Up to 250mm Outside Dimension (OD)
  • Remote chemical delivery available
  • Custom chamber sizes available

Please refer to the data sheet for details and specifications for MicroTech’s VTW 1036 Vertical Tube Wash.

Please contact us for custom configurations.

MTS-VTW 1036 Vertical Tube WashThe Tube Washing chamber contains a proprietary nozzle for conformal etch


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