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MicroTech Wet Bench Tutorial

What is a Wet Bench?

automated wet process systemTypically, a wet bench is a fully-automated process tool used to carry out wet cleaning and etching operations in semiconductor manufacturing or other high technology products. They can be designed for acid or solvent processing. Benches commonly include several tanks (or modules or “baths”) each containing either cleaning or etching solutions and DI (deionized) water in a rinsing tank. Semiconductor wafers, or other substrates, usually in lot sizes of 25, are immersed in a predetermined sequence. A drying module is often included in a wet bench.

Markets Wet Benches - MT Systems Markets Wet Benches are used in:


Wet Bench - Product from MT Systems

  • Fully-automated Wet Bench
    • Typically includes a load and unload station; substrates fully processed and dried by the end of the sequence.
  • Semi-automated Wet Bench
    • Includes either linear or rotational transfer from module to module or 2, 3 or 4 tanks in the sequence.
  • Manual Wet Bench
    • Operator manually moves cassette from tank to tank.
  • Intelligent Process Station
    • Includes all the attributes of a full-automated system plus process control monitoring of the wet chemistries.

Wet Process Station

Other terms for a Wet Bench:

  • Wet process station
  • Wet processing system
  • Wet process bench
  • Wet station

Applications for a Wet Bench:

Wet Bench Applications

  • Cleaning & surface preparation
    • Examples: RCA clean, Standard clean (SC1 or SC 2), HF last
  • Etching
    • Etching films like Si, SiO2, doped silicate glass, Si3N4
    • Alkaline etching of crystalline using KOH, TMAH, EDP
  • Stripping
    • Photoresist and residue removal
  • Texturing
    • For solar cells and MEMS devices
  • Plating
    • Electroless and electrolytic applications
    • Chemistries include: copper, nickel, gold; more exotic requirements

Wet Bench - Use Options

Wet Process Modules

Common Options for a Wet Bench

  • Recirculating baths/filtration
  • Megasonic and ultrasonic baths
  • Bath spiking: Hydrogen peroxide DI water
  • Bulk distribution: dispense chemicals to the station and individual baths
  • In-situ particle monitoring
  • Process control monitoring


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